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“When I couldn’t find jewellery that was comfortable yet extravagant, I decided to create it.
Made with a great deal of love and passion, I aspire to bring comfort in luxury for all the
women of the world.”

-Gina, Creator, Inspirer & Girl Boss, GNotJ

Each piece is bold, exquisite and featherlight: jewellery, which is quintessentially YOU.

It all goes back to when Gina was just a little girl, surrounded by anecdotes of how her greatgrandmother intricately hand-embroidered exquisite lehengas: pieces she takes pride in wearing even today. These evergreen pieces have been passed on from generation to generation for over 40 years. Each design tells a unique tale of its own, with the finishing so fine, that they look pristine even today. That’s where her love for fabric and embroidery came to be and the rest is history. This even brought Gina closer to emulating the Rajasthani art of Patwa embroidery.

Having been in the fashion and bridal industry for almost a decade, a thought that often came to Gina was, why do women have to put themselves through hours of agony wearing heavy jewellery? Why should one have to take the bling off and look dressed down in the middle of a party? That’s when it struck her - fabric jewellery: that is functional yet exquisite. GNotJ constantly endeavours to model avant-garde designs set on the finest vegan suede. The team of adept artisans has been honing their craft for over 30 years, where the workmanship speaks for itself. Each motif is delicately created by hand, adding a touch of luxury. Together, the brand desires to stay true to its roots while also bringing a fresh twist to its collections.

At GnotJ, we embark on a fulfilling mission to honour the modern woman and what she stands for by designing handcrafted, contemporary jewellery. Precision, quality, modernity, and comfort are an integral part of her foundation. GnotJ continues to orchestrate designs that mindfully empower you to sport your style. Unlike machine-made regalia, here is the true meaning of luxury - a work of ART.



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